Happy New Year!

Lady Amy Johnson, of the Aeronautical San Francisco Johnson Family.

The chill that has gripped Sonoma COunty like a zombie grip a dying heart has remained over into the New Year, making it hard to work in the Studio.  Still I did find the “big Heater” and, after placing it strategicaly under my office chair, found things to be more tolerable.  The addition of a couple of sweaters and a scarf sealed the deal.  The end result was a productive day.

During the day I actually got a handle on what I want Lady Amy to look like, giving a face to the start of the story, as well as getting a start on Reggie as well. Along with that I started reworking the PATREON site (feel free to peruse and contribute) and got to spend a few precious hours with Nick and Devon, who leave for school on Tuesday.

A chilly day but a good start to a New Year.

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