Lazy day…

Sort of a “Just doing business as usual” sort of day.  In the morning I opened the store and did the usual maintenance while waiting for customers (a few but not a lot).  Most of Main Street was closed so foot traffic was down until Noon.  I did get in some connecting on Reggie and some knick knacks but that was just to pass the time. What I was really waiting for was AFTER work when I met my son Nick for lunch.

As is always rthe case Nick’s visit from DIGIPEN was far too short and during a lot of it I had to work so we didn’t really get much of a chance to sit down and talk.  This time though I made a point of making sure that happened.  We chatted about game design, art, the world, the family and just about everything else we could over Pork Tacos at McNears, and later JAVA at ACRE COFFEE.

…and that is all there is


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