Rain, rain…

“Rain, Rain, go away, come again some other day!”

There is no doubt in my mind that a goodly portion of Sonoma County was chanting that (or thinking about chanting it).  In a glorious display of torrential bliss the heavens open up and rendered unto us the gift of a good dousing.  Prior to spending time in Austin I might have even called it a “Gully Washer” but having an experienced one of those in person I won’t sully the name.  At time though it did come close with the wet stuff coming down in veritable sheets.

Normally I love the rain, and in truth for the most part of I did as well, but for a couple of hours I wanted all of it to stop….just long enough so Nick, Devon & Stuart could get back to college safely.  The former two were flying, the latter driving ( he reported seeing snow on the Trees of Mystery). Call me a worry wart sorta Dad but there ya go,.

In the end though travel was achieved and all arrived safe…and the house suddenly seems very empty.

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