Frustrating Geometry

When I first started doing art seriously in “3D” you had to feel around space with your head and once you dropped in the points, edges and polys they were THERE.  Editing geometry was hard enough, getting to actually DO what YOU WANT IT TO was, well that was something for the future when we would make phone calls on 3D watches and fly to work in airborne CAMAROS.

Well we are still waiting for the flying cars but 3D art has come a LOOOOONG way since, well, when I was talking about.  Now rather then working with LEGO bricks you can dip your fingers into virtual clay and make that ashtray you wanted to make in pre-school (but your little vienna sausage fingers wouldn’t let you) Yes siree boys and goils, it’s clay with an UNDO KEY.

The trouble is that to do that you have to uses a lot of polys to get the exact shape ya want and I mean a lot! We are talking A LOT in same way Kitten Natividad was BIG! Thsi causes problems though if you, say, want to do anything useful with the object you built other than dropping it on a turntable, editing it in iMovie and posting it to your website. What you gotta do is RETOPOLOGIZE, meaning “once you made it you gotta make it AGAIN, only smaller”.

So right now I am doing that on some models for SKY PIRATES and buddy, let me tell you…it is about as much fun as yanking your eyes out with a melon baller!

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