Moving along…

So there I was! Writing out a stream of effervescent prose about the evils of Social Media and stuff and BOOM the world gets stopped in its track when some lost soul in Las Vegas decides to take a journey to hell and want to take along several hundred strangers. Even with the social rhino hide I have been cultivating crap like this kicks you in the soft bits, even if you don’t want to admit it.  I do have a follow up about Social Media but just don’t have the will to post it just now.

Right now, after a full day of overtime yesterday, it’s time to chill and watch new anime for the Fall Cour.

One show that caught my eye is called TWO CARS and when you wade through the tropes and silliness of a High School network of after School side hack racing clubs, all girl of course, you get down to a lot of cool drawings and animation of Sidecar Racers, or “kneelers”.  The art is nice and the characters on the grid silly so I am in for 12 episodes I think.

At the same time the show drudged up a story from my real life past, believe it or not. Even stranger it is a story I have never told anyone, including my ex wife and son. Still this morning, after the first episode of TWO CARS I felt compelled to sit down and write it out and send it to my Anime Pen Pal Monty. After I was done writing I thought I might paste it in here, but then Monty suggested another use for it, so I will tyr that out for a bit.

If that doesn’t fly then I will post it…later.

Ja ne


The word of the day is cascade.

The way I visualize a cascade is like marbles on a shear cliff face with small ledges spaced evenly apart.  On each of those steps is a glass ball made of possibility as one rolls off it’s ledge it falls and strikes another ledge and another ball, knocking it off so it rolls off it’s ledge and falls…

…and so on.

That is what the last three weeks have been like with one new event happening in my life and that triggering another. The cause does not IMMEDIATELY precede the effect, but the effect is obvious at the time of the collision it is a forgone conclusion.  This happened = This is the result.

It all started when my former employers decided to get rid of me by cutting back my hours, like someone who wants to get rid of a fish does so by drilling a small hole in its tank.  When it became obvious that this was happening (meaning when the third person I knew told me that my former employers had TOLD them they were doing it) I found a cold resolve in me that had been missing,

Several friends told me that I should ask god for help.  My entire life the idea of formalized prayer and ritual were artifacts of a system that uses the blessing of a diety to control people.  At the same time I have never been comfortable with the idea that we understood everything and everything is only a matter of chance. So rather then praying I talk to either the universe as a whole or to my personal connection, Louie.

So I hadn’t been in touch with Louie for awhile so I guess it took awhile for him/her to pick up my voicemails but then I started to feel the motions.

It started with an 8AM set call in South San Francisco and currently is manifesting as me sorting through stack of paper to find the pink slip for a car I have used as both transportation and as a Cenotaph…and I sense it is not over yet.

So I hope your day is filled with happy cascades like I have been enjoying…if it hasn’t I will put a good word in for you with Louie.

Ja ne!

A death in the family…

The net is awash with the news of the passing of Carrie Fisher yesterday following a heart attack.  Her passing has left me a little numb.   Part of it could be that I am still in shock after the past month working in retail.  Another factor could be that in the wake of 2016 I am just a little worn out from grieving, so much loss for the people of my generation. A big part of it though is no doubt part of a personal connection, I never knew Carrie but we both worked in “the family business” namely STAR WARS.

Some of the best years of my creative life so far were spent working on STAR WARS, specifically the X-Wing series of games, and once you work that intensely for that long on something it’ kinda hard to “let it go”.  In my case I fought it off like an actor fighting being type cast as, I dunno, some sort of one legged bartender in a long running TV show.  These days though I am actually allowing myself to be proud of it.  The thought crawl across my cerebellum, did Carrie ever really come to grips with princess Leia?

There is another thing about Carrie that touched me though, he open frankness about he struggles with depression and alcohol.  I wish I had been THAT honest THAT soon in my life (or sooner).  Over the years I watched everything I could when Carrie spoke about these things.  Hel I even still quote her from time to time:

“Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for someone else to die”

…that’s my favorite, ’cause you can place “Resentment” with so many other words and it still works.

This post isn’t one where I have something eloquent to sum up about VCarrie, Star Wars, mental illness and life. It is more of a rambling amalgam of thoughts swirled on the page like finger paints on glass.  Make out of it what you will.

Bye Carrie, thanks.  You will be misquoted (and missed)