An interesting experiment

A Grand Experiment

Not all great experiments are planned, some happen as the result of either a fortuitous or abysmal accident.  Sometimes the actual incident’s association, good or bad, can’t be ascertained until the resultant experiment is complete. In my case it all started when I did something that in the past I had laughed at other people when they did it, letting judgement flow in hails of derisive laughter, namely I dropped my iPhone into the bog/pisseur/toilet. When I swept it out with panicky paws the case wouldn’t come off even though it had let a lot of fluids in.  By the time I got it into a bag full of desiccant rich packing peanuts the damge was apparently done.  When I shut the phone of the screen looked liked a Mondrian reject.  Time for a new phone I decided

What to buy…

Initially I embraced my internal hipster and looked at downgraded flip phones.  I’d show the Mega-Conglomerates and get me a DUMB PHONE.  Yeah, I know, that lasted about 20 minutes. The nerd is strong in this one and the pendulum rapidly swung toward the shiniest of the shiny…an iPhone X. I logged onto my provider’s site and chatted the ears off some dude about what it would cost and so on. My internet acumen made sailing through the ordering process so quickly I didn’t take time to read the delivery date…until I pushed the order button. Then reality struck, my phone was apparently dead and I would be offline and outta touch until the new one got here.

Which would be in two and a half weeks.

Living without my iPhone

When the iPhone first came out a London newspaper did an article about learning to live without a smart phone after you had gotten used to the convenience of it.  The writer tried to to go without for a week, he failed like a gibbering ape and expressed his relief when his iPhone was returned to him. Whereas I am sure there was a level of melodramatic flare inserted into the piece the overall tone was pretty serious.

That article came out about 3 months after the iPhone was introduced. I have be dependent on my iPhone for 10 years. So how long until I am reduced to a gibbering ape?

Dear Internet, grow up……

Up against the wall Steve Martin…

Every morning, as part of my self imposed schedule of Therapy for being a wanker, I go on the ELECTRONIC-RAGE-INDUCER (you might know it as FACEBOOK). I do this in the same way a truly dedicated lush might buy a bottle of whiskey and freeze it in a block of ice in their freezer (know your enemy). It’s also nice to see what my real world pals are doing etc. On these visits I put a timer, gauging how long it takes for some chump I don’t know to piss me off so much that I close my browser.

The first post I saw was one saying the internet blew up (to a small extent) at Steve Martin for a tweet he post regarding the passing of his real world friend, Carrie Fisher. The liberal trolls called him sexist and said the posting was in bad taste.

Let’s step back for a moment and think about that.  They Called STEVE MARTIN sexist. If you don’t see the insanity in that very idea you have never read a book by Mr. Martin and have certainly avoided his film (except the funny ones, you could probably understand those). If this is your view I would add that you most likely think that the pyramids are ancient grain silo built by Aliens who have snakes in their skull that make their eyes glow.

If this is the “noble opposition to the oncoming storm” I shudder for the world my son and his friends are inheriting.

Grow up people.